Get help faster and easier.

REACH is a free personal safety app that sends a distress alert to your emergency contacts.

Conceived, designed and built by us, we have first hand expereince
turning an idea into a product.

What makes REACH special is you can send an alert without having to look at your phone. You can even send an alert by pulling out your headphones!

You see, when humans encounter a threat there are several biological effects - shaky hands, tunnel vision, hearing loss - that limit our ability to react quickly. Looking closely at how the human body responds, we designed a product so intuitive that everyone from a child to a grandmother could use it right away.

“I had a creepy cab ride tonight… Girls and boys Get @REACHSafety so you can alert your friends and family! It’s worth it!!!!”

@AyaKakeda on Twitter

Not having to look at your phone allows you to focus your attention at staying safe. At the end of the day, we hope to create a safer environment for all of our loved ones.